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Moke & Dodatki
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  • Northern Baits Carp Groundbait 1kg
    Perfect to mix in particles or as slop or just to create more attraction. Made with cheakpeas meal, crushed dark halibut, hemp meal, krill meal, predigested fish meal, LT94 fishmeal, dark halibut pellets, mussel shells, yeast, milk proteins, coconut flakes and spices. ..
    3,90€ Brez DDV: 3,56€
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  • Northern Baits Insect Mix 1kg
    Made with: 22% water insects: Gammarus, River Shrimps, Daphia, Bloodworms, Larvae, Silkworms, Mealworm, Mini Shrimps and also mussel shells, snails, crushed tigernuts, maize proteins, milk powder, salt, betaine, GLM powder, spirulina, essential amino acids and vitamins. ..
    6,90€ Brez DDV: 6,30€
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  • Northern Baits Insects 400ml
    Carp naturally eat these tiny insects in their natural environment depending on what parts of the continent your from. Absolutely full of natural attraction, what more can we say than its packed with proteins and things carp require in their every day diet because and now you can f..
    8,00€ Brez DDV: 7,31€
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  • Sticky Baits Pure Krill Powder
    Our Krill Powder is pure, premium quality krill meal. Very strong smelling, it makes a fantastic addition to paste, PVA bags, groundbaits, base mix and spod mixes. Like Shrimp meal, it is quite buoyant, which helps to keep the swim active and the fish searching for more! This really is awesom..
    11,90€ Brez DDV: 10,87€
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