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  • Berkley Big Game Fluorocarbon Leaders
    If you need strength, abrasion resistance and near invisibility for heavy duty fishing, thats when you tie leaders in Big Game Fluorocarbon. CLEARLY LEADING! Near invisibility High Abrasion resistance Strength Dependability Easy to tie on mainline   5..
    16,90€ Brez DDV: 13,85€
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  • Berkley Lip Grip With Tape
    Designed for safely landing and handling large toothy fish Positive locking jaw action, comfortable handle, 12-inch shaft Integrated 6-foot tape ruler Ideal for quick and safe releases For use in both fresh and salt water ..
    29,90€ Brez DDV: 24,51€
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  • Berkley Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon 50m
    Smooth casting main line High impact strength Sinks like a brick Good knot strength Casts better than any other fluoro on the market Accurate diameter to pound breaking strains ..
    6,50€ Brez DDV: 5,33€
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  • Fox Rage Safe Pro Lip Grip
    PRO SERIES LIP GRIP • Made from heat-treated ‘ultra light’ Aluminium • Unique ‘Fish Safe’ ball construction • Easy 360 turning handle • Accurate internal scales to 12kg • Anti-slip rubber handle • Size: 29cm • Supplied with pouch and spring cord and snap connector ..
    84,99€ Brez DDV: 69,66€
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  • Fox Rage Stack n Store 16
    Zmagovalni koncept med organizatorji! Narejeni so iz trpežne  plastike odporne na UV žarke in imajo nastavljive posamezne predale. Poleg tega so polja organizatorja posebej plastificirana, zato so odporna na silikon. Primerni so za shranjevanje vseh vrst gumijastih in silikonskih vab. Mere o..
    15,99€ Brez DDV: 13,11€
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  • Fox Rage Surefit Snaps
    This is a karabiner that locks securely but at the same time supports the motion of the bait. Additionally, the Sure-Fit has a unique, centred guiding stub that ensures line and leader are always straight during casting and which prevents unintended opening of the safety closure. Colour: ‘bl..
    4,49€ Brez DDV: 3,68€
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  • Fox Rage Voyager Unhooking Mat
    1m Measuring mat Kneeling pad Pegging or luggage attachment D-loops Elasticated roll up loops Packed size: 30 x 15 x 9cm Mat area: 1m x 30cm Ripstop fabric Fits to Voyager rucksack Outer Main Fabric: PVC Padding/Filling: 100% Polyethylene ..
    25,99€ Brez DDV: 21,30€
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  • Sebile Game Snaps
    5,90€ Brez DDV: 4,84€
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