YKR Zerox 145mm 29gr Slow Sinking

Proizvajalec: YKR Fishing Pro
Model: 003560
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* Opcija:

  • it is a rigid lure available in action slow sinking 29 grs. (slow slidge)
  • technical swimming movements are wobbling and rolling.
  • the transfer system is through 1 cylinder of tungsten in movement.
  • designed to make very long casts and work from beaches
  • the hooks are triple hooks vmc 9626 3x strong in the nº 2 in red color (prevent the oxidation and simulate the red color of the blood in order to simulate a wounded wound or easy preserve for the predator).
  • spectacular finishes and holografias.
  • in definitive a lure with a very technical swimming and lance of high efficacy in fishing action and high resistance to beats.