Lurenzo Espetron 20cm 38gr

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Lurenzo Espetron

Some anglers define it as ‘the walker’. It’s a small barracuda made for a bunch of spinning fans who needed a predator which, during its juvenile life, is a feast for all sorts of predators. Conceived as a trophy fish chaser, from the very beginning the Espetron showed itself as a special lure that makes the difference. If you’re after big saltwater fish, the Espetron is a must in your tackle box.

Espetrón delivers great performance under any conditions: on calm, crystal-clear, rough or dark waters, this little wonder is a sure bet. Its background confirms that point: in many spin fishing gatherings, Espetron always caught the best fish. In two editions of the Delta del Ebro Spinning Open tournament, again Espetron seduced the hugest predators in the area, helping its owners win the prize for the biggest fish. And all that was achieved on the surface, outperforming sinking lures which were supposed to be more effective. Anyone who relies on Espetron and puts its efficency to the test, gets forever hooked to the unforgettable attacks it provides and knows well that facing a fishing day on the surface without it, is like going to a battle with no ammo in your gun.

Size does matters
The first time they look at its size, many anglers think that such big lure won’t work in their usual spots… but they are absolutely wrong, because a two-pound seabass has no qualms about gobbling a 20 cm baby barracuda. It’s true that Espetron was designed for Mediterranean bluefish and leerfish, but our friends in the Cantabrian Sea –who normally use 9 to 12 cm samples– praise it to the point that Espetron becomes remarkably more effective than their usual lures. Those were the first to name it ‘the walker’, a deadly surface weapon with ‘walking the dog’ action that keeps 80% of its body on the water during the retrieve, resulting in a more appealing, vulnerable prey to the eye of predators. Its winding action triggers seabass, bluefish, dolphinfish, amberjack, leerfish, tuna, barracuda and many other species’ killer instinct, ending up inside their mouth. Our good friend Antonio Varcasia reports the fact from distant spots, where he saw Espetron display its weapons of seduction the same way it had done before in local waters. If Espetron rewards you with special fish that’s just because it is indeed a special lure.

Lurenzo Espetron features:

  • Spit imitation
  • WTD (Walking The Dog)
  • Slow / Fast or open / closed path
  • Fast action lifts the water-
  • Stainless steel single soul
  • Structure reinforced with epoxy resin
  • Weight: 38 gr.
  • Size: 20 cm