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Northern Baits BNB Paste 280gr

Proizvajalec: Northern Baits
Model: 003262
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Cena: 4,90€ Brez DDV: 4,48€

Important. This bait is more soft than normal boilies. We recommend hard hookbaits when fishing waters with other fish than carp.
Made with: Crushed tigernuts, milk powder, acid casein, rennet casein, vanilla extract, fruit extracts, crushed coconut, hemp, red eggfood, robin red (Haiths), nigerseeds, yellow birdfood, csl liquid, yeast, fermented maize protein, WPC, essential amino acids, vitamins, propolis, liquid coconut extract, tigernut extract, butyric acid, spices, Himalayan salt, natural sugars and fresh eggs. No artificial flavors added.