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Shout! Kudako Silver

Proizvajalec: Shout!
Model: 003428
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From big target in adjacent sea to expedition abroad.
Representative power hook, ‘KUDAKO’

Nuwa Island, Kudako rapids. The most powerful hook,
‘KUDAKO’, to capture the monster.

‘KUDAKO’ was developed to hook and capture big Japanese amberjack, amberjack and kingfish. Light and strong high-carbon steel is used for material. The curve point eliminates the bottom hooking and body hooking and ensures the hooking to the mouth. The long taper hook point can perform the weighted movement from the start of the penetration to the gape without any stress, and the wide holding gape is to keep the target. Up eye (bent-outward ring) is used which is the main characteristic of KUDAKO HOOK that its usage as assist hook with thick and tense line was considered. It also provides great balance by setting the sprit ring to the rear eye.