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Game EVO Extreme Needle Fish 21,5cm 30,6gr Floating

Model: 003860
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Aguglia Evo is an Needle never seen before!

  • Here are all the unique features of this revolutionary saltwater bait, which imitates a top pray for every sea predator.
  • Made of ABS ABS, just like a jerk, unlike needle lures made of wood or resin.
  • Equipped with mobile internal weights for distance controlled launch and rattling.
  • Through Armor and Anchors 3X ​​Strong Trident-Recording Fish Record.
  • Realistic body shape with gills that produce bubbles of air during retrieval.
  • Top fin: Stabilization trajectory function.
  • Realistic swimming action just as it does in nature.
  • Made in floating and sinking versions.
  • Aguglia Evo Game is recommended for spinning in the sea for blue fish, leer fish, and any other sea predator.